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Who are we?


Mökki is a small company based in Devon. We design, build and install contemporary garden rooms throughout the UK, mainly operating in the Southwest region.


Mökki studios are fully insulated and double glazed and are ideal for use as garden offices, artist's studios, craft spaces, music studios or guest rooms. They take about 2 days to install.


Mökki studios are designed by architect  James Risebero (RIBA) who has over 20 years experience in the construction industry and has worked at some of the UK's most prestigious firms including Foster and Partners and pioneers of environmental design Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios. See James' architectural site here.


Why Mökki?


Mökki can provide you with a fully installed, modern, insulated garden office / studio at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke garden building.


How much does a Mökki studio cost?


Most bespoke garden buildings cost between 10 and £20K. Even "off the peg" models tend to cost over £1000 per square metre and often that doesn't include foundations. Mökki studios cost between £7300 and £9300 fully installed.


How do we keep costs down?


The Mökki system uses standard building components in a highly efficient manner resulting in speedy manufacture and minimal or zero wastage. This is the amount of waste plywood left over after the manufacture of one of our buildings: 0


Is the Mökki system flexible?


While we don’t describe our system as ‘bespoke’, our panels can be combined in numerous ways to achieve a range of layouts. There are currently 30 configurations shown on this website but there are many more variations possible. If there is a specific arrangement you require please get in touch.


Indoor or outdoor


Do you own a barn or workshop which is watertight but uninsulated? Mökkis are ideal for use as free-standing insulated work or sleeping 'pods' within a larger space. See image here.





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"In our opinion, Mökki Studios are head-and-shoulders above other providers in this price range and the product wouldn't be out of place at double the cost - and we did a lot of research before settling on a Mökki! Many thanks".



Barrie and Mary, Plymouth, Devon